Try our new healthy tartines

We love tartines, thats why we have to offer 4 new sorts of full grain dark bread tartines. A perfect treat for lunch time, big wide slices filled with all kind of nutritious foods, that will keep you happy until your next meal.

There is our absolute classic, brings you back to your school lunch times – traditional mayonnaise spread, gouda cheese & ham, topped with local organic salad. Try also our vegetarian tartines. One has a delicious pesto spread, filled with grilled vegetables, big mozzarella slices & topped with arugula salad. The other has a creamy thick hummus spread, grilled vegetables and its topped with healthy arugula salad. Don’t miss out on the second classic – the chicken attitude tartine, savoury caesar sauce by our partners Natura, grilled chicken breast slices, parmesan cheese shavings, juicy tomatoes & lots of organic salad.

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Enough of mouth watering descriptions, follow this link and test them now!

Your Green Attitude Team,
wishes you a great week.