Terms of Service

Green Kitchen (BE0553866535) general conditions of sale :

We formally disclaim all terms and conditions and / or specific printed purchase orders, letters or documents emanating from our customers. The customer acknowledges having read our general and special conditions and accept them unconditionally by exclusion of its conditions, when passing orders.

Our customers are committed to order exclusively through the computer system put in place by Green Kitchen on the website www.green-kitchen.be. Only orders placed before 10:15 a.m. for delivery the same day will be taken into account. For group orders or certain specific orders needing a specific preparation (Lunch & Meeting boxes for example), orders will have to be received before 4p.m. the day before at the latest. The client may also ask for delivery the next day, at his own expense when ordering.

Prior to his/her first order the client must register on the website www.green-kitchen.be. We retain the discretionary right to accept or refuse a client without having to justify our decision.

For each order, the client will have to give his name, the place of delivery as well as the billing address. In order to ensure the regularity of deliveries and the freshness and quality of our products only daily orders of a minimum of 50€ incl. VAT will be honoured. The client is solely responsible for data disclosed to Green Kitchen.

For all orders placed in accordance with articles 2 and 3 below, the delivery will take place every working day before 12h30. The client nevertheless accepts delivery after 12h30 and even a lack of delivery of our products in cases independent of our good will, such as in situations which will make delivery impossible due to force majeure such as traffic jams, flooding, fire, climate perils etc., this list is not exhaustive). In this case the client will expressly be notified prior of the agreed delivery time.

Delivery costs are included in our prices for the communes of Brussels, Waterloo, Braine-l’Alleud et Hoeilaart. For all other communes orders will be delivered to clients based on our usual delivery rates.

Orders can only be cancelled by the client the day before delivery before 4p.m.

Green Kitchen accepts payments through Visa and MasterCard. If you choose to pay with a credit card, the money is instantly withdrawn from your account upon confirmation of the payment.

Using primarily fresh products, which can vary depending on the market price, the client accepts that Green Kitchen may replace ingredients by products of the same quality.

The customer agrees to pay at delivery of our products.

Unless written otherwise our invoices are payable immediately at receipt. The client will never be able to invoke a claim to suspend his payments, our prices are always VAT inclusive. The client accepts receipt of invoices by email and is obliged to honor them the same day.

Any unpaid amount will ipso jure and without notice bear an interest of 1,5% per month as well as a flat-rate compensation of 15% of the initial amount, with a minimum of 25€.

In the event of a default in payment of liquidation, of bankruptcy, or of collective procedure or legal reorganisation of one of our customers we expressly reserve the right to suspend immediately and without notice our deliveries.

To be admissible all claims must imperatively be formulated in writing, exclusively by sending an email, no later than two hours after the delivery. If the claim is about an invoice, the invoice must be sent in within 24 hours of its reception by letter or email under penalty forfeiture.

Our liability shall be limited at the time of order. In any case, any consequential damages cannot be claimed.

The parties execute the contract in good faith. Thus, they will not be held responsible in the event of technical error.

Upon visit of our website www.green-kitchen.be personal client data will be treated confidentially and will not be accessible to third parties. However, the customer agrees that they can be used to improve quality and personalisation of Green Kitchen’s services. The customer may at any time consult, complete, see, remove information. The file manager is the company Green Kitchen , Boulevard International 55F, 1070 Brussels.

Any dispute between parties will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the district Brussels or the justice of peace of our headquarter. The applicable law is exclusively Belgian law.