Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, fruit is a valuable ally in reducing the risk of cancer, obesity and cardiovascular disease. They are also a significant source of fibre, calcium and potassium.

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  • Banane

    The banana provides more energy than other fruits. Rich in carbohydrates, water, vitamins and minerals, it is the fruit of effort par excellence, ideal for children, active adults and athletes.


  • Poire

    Rich in water, minerals (potassium, calcium and magnesium), vitamins (C, B, A and E), antioxidants (flavonoids and phenolic acids) and fibre, the pear can boast of being a very nutrient dense fruit. Its richness in fibre is particularly valuable in several respects.


  • Pomme Pink Lady

    Apples, and especially their skins, contain a high concentration of vitamin C, which helps to strengthen the body. It is therefore very important to have enough of it, especially in winter, and it is important to know that apples can benefit you both in everyday life and during your working days, especially to give you a boost or reboost.