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A vision of the bio in the image of its founders producers. For Interbio, bio should be: professional, modern, accessible to all budgets, as local as possible, while being very diverse. Interbio producers are working to find delicious varieties, traditional and resistant to disease.


For nearly thirty years, word-of-mouth would allow him to sell mayonnaise alongside its fish. But in 1970, the success of the mayonnaise was such that fish finally left the shelves of the shop. In 1990, Arlette Vryghem, the granddaughter of the founder, launched a delicious range of dressings.

La Fleur du Pain

Modern production facilities, standards, with HACCP, ensuring food security. A selection of the best raw materials, the craftsmanship combined with modern techniques guarantees you products of outstanding quality.

Full of Good

Fruit and vegetables are exposed to an enormous  pressure so the juices come directly from within the HET GREEN ATTITUDE TEAM. This is the wonderment called cold pressing. The first time fruit and vegetables give you everything they can. 100% Natural & 100% Refreshing. Your daily dose of goodness.

Tao Drinks

It has never felt so good to take care of yourself… All the treasures of the TAO family are prepared using only natural ingredients (colourings and preservatives are not the house style), their fresh flavours coming exclusively from the natural extracts of fruits and plants.


We use nothing but organic ingredients. Bionina has been awarded the Organic Guarantee Seal and the European Organic Label. That’s your rock-solid assurance that Bionina follows the rules of organic farming to the letter.


After 18 months of Research & Development, tests (including a couple of crashes), polls & prayers to dozens of friends, relatives, and perfect strangers, after 18 months of steps forward, backward, sideways, and forward again – Zendo was born: a functional, 100% of natural origin, drink that offers a unique blend of high quality green tea – natural source of L-theanine –, passiflora, magnesium, and B vitamins that help relieve from daily stress and contribute to optimal focus. Today, the dream has finally come true. Enjoy & let’s keep in touch to let it grow together!