Frequently Asked Questions

For Lunch
Orders have to be done before 10:15 am and will be delivered before 12:30 pm.

For Business Lunch
Order online the day before until 4 pm, your lunch will be delivered before 12:30 pm.

1. Is your company in our database ? 

Yes, we have your company already in our database.
You have to be registered on our website to order your lunch online (takes less than 1 minute)

No, we don‘t have your company in our database.
You have to register your company in my account, and we will verify and activate your company if it is deliverable.

1a. Why does my company has to be registered?

We deliver mainly to companies/offices in Brussels and area.
These companies/offices are our lunch drop off‘s. We have daily routes to those offices.
Maybe your company has already Green Attitude Members, that means your company might be already in our database. Just type the name of your company in the search field in your account, if it is registered it will appear on the company list. Your company will be only delivered when the total of all persons orders is higher then 25€.

2. Is it a personal or a business online order?

For a personal online order
Order online before 10:15 am, your lunch will be delivered before 12:30 pm.

For a business lunch online order
Order online the day before until 4 pm, your lunch will be delivered before 12:30 pm.

3. How can I order?


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STEP 1 – Go to the tab Order Online or Business Lunch and log on to the website

  1. Log-in with your usual Log-in data (old green attitude website log-in).
  2. If you are already logged-in, please proceed to the Step 2.
  3. If you want to register, go to “Register on the side column and follow the steps.

STEP 2 – Add your items to your cart and check-out

  1. Find your product in the coloured bubbles marked with the different food categories.
  2. Choose the item you want to order and enter the quantity (1 is set as default). You have the option to tag your item with a name click the “for who?”
  3. Add them to your cart one by one.
    If you want to view your basket, click on the “view cart” on the right column or go to the cart icon in the navigation bar.
  4. When all your products are in the cart, go to check-out on the right column.
  5. Choose a date of delivery and a delivery place (if necessary)
  6. Insert your comments in the “order notes” box (example: cost centers, purchase order,…). If you have a coupon, don’t forget to enter your coupon code in the coupon box.
  7. Proceed to your payment preference.

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STEP 3 – Make your payment

  1. Green Attitude Wallet – Charge your virtual Green Attitude Wallet for the easiest and quickest way to order and check-out – available for private individuals and companies.
  2. Bancontact / Visa / MasterCard – you will be redirected to Ingenico for secure payments. Green Tip! Don’t forget your DIGIPASS – available for private individuals and companies.
  3. Mobile Bancontact application with your smartphone it is easy and takes less than a minute.
  4. Invoiceonly available for companies not for private individuals. Please note that invoicing needs to be validated by Green Attitude. Please fill in the invoice information form that you can find under “My Invoices” (by clicking on the “+” sign next to the title “My company Invoicing Accounts”). Send us an email or give us a call on 02 385 14 79 for your company invoice request.

4. How to manage my account?

My Account - My Delivery Places - My Invoices - My History

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4.1 In “My Account

  1. view your recent orders
  2. manage your shipping details and billing address(es)
  3. edit your password and account details

4.2 In “My Invoices” (only for companies)

  1. manage your company invoice information
  2. view your company invoices
  3. request a company invoice

4.3 In “My History

  1. view your notes or invoices prior to February 1st
  2. view and pay your outstanding notes / invoices

5. How can I pay my orders?

We have six payment methods
Pay your order with the Bancontact app or via Bancontact, Visa and Mastercard. Pay your order via the electronic Ticket Restaurant by Edenred (the Sodexocard is not yet accepted) available from the 10th of February. You can also charge your Green Attitude Wallet for easy and quick check-out. These payment options are available for private individuals and companies. Payments via Invoice are only for companies available.

5.1 How do I pay with Ticket Restaurant by Edenred?

Coming soon!
Ticket Restaurant Edenred Online Payment

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5.2 Can I pay my order later or by the end of the month?

For private individuals
From the 1st of February “private individuals” will no longer be able to pay via invoice at the end of the month.
For easy and quick checkout pre charge your Green Attitude Wallet or use the Bancontact app for smartphone. 

For Companies
Paying via invoice by the end of the month is available, as long as your company is registered and verified.

 6. How does the Saving Card work ?

With every purchase, you will earn 6% for your Saving Card, excerpt Business Lunch’s and Drinks.
When your Saving Card has reached 100% you will get a rebate of 5 Euros on the total of your order.

7. Do you have vegetarian friendly food ?

Yes we do have vegetarian foods.
Our big salad bar offers many fresh vegetables and other vegetarian friendly foods. Some of our sandwiches, wraps, bagels, burgers, faluches, greenies, soups and desserts are marked as vegetarian. If you have any doubts, please contact us. Here a link to see all vegetarian products we have:

8. Where can I find the allergen information ?

You can find the “Allergen Info” in the footer / bottom of our website or simply click here.
For more informations or if you have any doubts, please contact us per email or on this number “02 385 14 79”.