Healthy new baguettes and sandwiches…

We always want the best for our sandwich lovers, that is why we have added 2 new types of bread to our bread collection – made with love from our artisan head baker

  • Born Stone Baked – Fiber rich half baguette dark – made from wheat flour, roasted barley malt, a mix of pumpkin seeds, rye, sunflower seeds, millet and oats. Deliciously healthy and very tasteful.

You can try the new Born Stone Baked baguette with the two brand new sandwich compositions:
– Le Geppetto ( cream cheese with sundried tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, Pancetta ham and rocket salad)

  • French Baguette – White crusty french baguette – Hard on the outside but soft from within – We will exchange all “old” french baguettes with the “new crusty french baguettes”

We love sandwiches and healthy lunch solutions! – You can also leave some reviews on our sandwiches or other products you like.

How do you like our new sandwich composition and the new bread?